The Wild Wood Flower(1.7Mb)
 I've Got Zits, I've Got Pimples (1Mb)
 She's An Ugly Girl (600k)
 Trigger Happy Every Day (227k)
Porky Pig Sets A Good Example (825k) 
 Clinton Sings American Pie (1.1 Mb)
 The End Of Baby Cha Cha(1.1Mb)
 Get Your Kids Redneck Barbie(766k)
 There's Cat In The Kettle(1Mb)
 Snowman Eats The Dancing Baby (1Mb)
 The Dancing Baby In Space(860k)
 Terminator Baby (2.7Mb)
 Even On CNN Bill Can't Resist (347k)
  The Dancing Baby Is Kung Foo Fighting (347k)
    He Must Have Had Mexican Food (1.8Mb)
 Lookin' For Love (279k)
 An Ode To Snow White (788k)
 The Macarena For STDs (868k)
 Don't Let Monica Go Down On Me (1.3Mb)
 Frost On My Beer Can (1Mb)
 Clinton Confesses (288k)
 She's A Bimbo Girl II (1.2Mb)
 Doesn't Monday Suck? (229k)
You Will Remember this 'till The Day You Die (1.3MB)
 John Bobbit Does A Capella (569k)
 He's Got A Three Inch Tube (998k)
 She's A Bimbo Girl (585k)
 Pet Names For Genitalia (795k)
 A Truth In Advertising For AOL (391k)
 The Man Song. A Must For ANY Married Man. Great Song! (1.2Mb)
 A Follow Up To The Man Song Above. (845k)
 Let's Get Saddam. Chumbawumba parody. Great song. (855k)
 The Bobbit Answering Machine (113k)
And You Wonder Why We Have A Drinking Age (630k)
A Kid Has Enough Of Barney (113k)
 The Munchkins Reveal The Truth About Dorothy (299k)
 You Should Never Let Your Kids Bury You At The Beach (593k)
For All Those Macarena Fans. Great Song (R Rated) (1Mb)
 A Kid Has Enough Of Elmo (120k)
 Hear The Ad For Dikens' Cider (717k)
Hear Donald Duck In His Finest Hour (X Rated) (447k)
Talk About Having Your Head In Your "Ass" (Not for those who just ate.) (369k)
Trapped On The Internet, To The Tune of Gilligan's Island (636k)
Oh, The Life Of A Pubic Hair (635k)

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